Legislation and regulation regarding coastal zone protection and management are diffused in several authorities. Collaboration of competent authorities and Citizens is not always efficient. Citizens and stakeholders aren’t timely informed nor encouraged in participating to decision-making procedures regarding

a) the management of coastal activities

b) coastal infrastructure design

c) protection measures against coastal erosion, flooding, pollution etc.

The project aspires to strengthen citizen’s advocacy in issues of coastal zone management, environmental monitoring and coastal protection by supporting Citizens’ active role in decision making at the local and at the regional level.

The project COAST-ADWEB proposes the development of a web-platform as a citizens’ advocacy strengthening framework on coastal zone issues by enabling easy access in relevant decisions drawn by local and regional authorities on coastal zone protection and management. As α pilot study the successive coastal regions of Western Achaia and Ilia are chosen. These regions are sharing similar coastal ecosystems, geomorphology and climate conditions. The prevailing anthropogenic activities are relevant to agriculture and tourism.

The Project aims to promote social information and Citizens advocacy in decisions relevant to coastal zone protection and management. The use of web-platform will enable

1) Citizens’ easy access to decisions drawn from different Authorities

2) decisions’ diffusion to Western Greece Citizens. This web-platform will provide information on

a) compliance of local/regional decisions with European-International legislation

b) application of modern scientific methods on coastal erosion, flooding and pollution mitigation

c) adoption of good practices on controlling adverse Environmental impacts based on the international experience. Local coastal Communities, enterprises, Environmental protection/management groups/Agencies will be benefited.


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